Website Compliance

Virtually every business maintains a website.  In fact, a sizeable number of our clients conduct all of their business via the web.  Whether your company’s website is informational, interactive, commercial, or a portal for software as a service, it is important to have terms of use and a privacy policy that are tailored to your business.

The landscape of Internet law is in a state of constant flux.  We help clients ensure that their Website legal agreements are not just customized, but enforceable.  SLG has advised hundreds of companies in connection with the review and drafting of the legal documents that exist on their websites. This is of particular importance for clients who own and operate a site that is central to their business model.

There is simply no replacement for a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to the development of the agreements that appear on a company’s website.  We pride ourselves on understanding your business so that we can create and implement website agreements that address your unique business needs.