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As part of our historic emphasis on emerging companies, we have deep experience with venture capital transactions.  Many venture capital firms, aware of the natural conflict of interest that can result when the same law firm represents an investor and its portfolio company, choose us to serve as company counsel.

We firmly believe that no law firm can provide adequate assistance in the venture capital arena unless it does frequent and consistent work in that space.  We have advised on hundreds of venture capital transactions for companies in the Southeast and elsewhere, and we maintain and cultivate long-term relationships with numerous venture capital firms and the professionals working in the venture capital arena.  We stay abreast of changes and trends and provide up-to-date advice and intelligent drafting of venture capital and angel term sheets and transaction documents.  We work through every stage of the capital financing plan with our clients to provide the optimal outcome for our clients in terms of both dollars and dilution.  We use our Liquidity Events Proceeds Calculator to compute the possible results buyouts of for our emerging companies. We also participate actively in venture capital training sessions and workshops including Venture Atlanta, Cap Ventures, and Startup Riot.

“SLG took us through one of the large and very complex venture capital transactions. They did it with ease and at a cost that was well within our budget.”

Dave Cormack
CEO Brightree LLC

“SLG incorporated our company, EG Technology, and represented us for ten years, taking us through angel financing and seven rounds of venture financing. They also advised us on every type of legal issue that the emerging company encounters, from employee issues to strategic decisions to some very complex IP matters. They were with us every step of the way, right through the eventual sale of our company.  Their expertise and responsiveness is unparalleled.”

Greg Nicholson
Entrepreneur and former CEO, EG Technology

‘We chose Siavage Law Group to represent one of portfolio companies and they have done an outstanding job, we could not be more pleased. Representation of emerging companies requires a special skill set and SLG has a demonstrated depth of experience in this area”

Steve Nussrallah
Value Plus Ventures