General Counseling

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Providing general counsel to a company is a multifaceted, challenging, and always important role.  We view our general counsel role as a position of honor.  We advise our clients on almost every circumstance imaginable, from "bet the company" decisions and strategic transactions, to the settlement of complex disputes, to everyday business and legal decisions.  We often help our clients navigate the sensitive and nuanced issues that arise in negotiating with large companies and sophisticated investors.

Because of our lawyers' unique experience in the general counsel role, SLG adds unique value in that capacity. Before starting the firm, our managing member had a twenty-year career as the general counsel for three large corporations. Moreover, a sizeable portion of our client base consists of companies who choose not to have an internal legal function, whether for cost or other reasons.

We make it a priority to understand our clients' businesses so we can provide advice that is not only legally sound, but pragmatic and commercially sensible.  We typically start our process with a comprehensive assessment of all of the legal needs of our clients.  From this, we construct a solid legal foundation that will mitigate risk and increase value as the company grows.  Rather than providing isolated advice on areas of individual expertise, our advice flows from this plan and our clients' larger objectives. Through this process, we maximize both the value of our advice and the efficiency with which we give it.

“We use Siavage Law Group for virtually all of our legal work, including corporate and commercial agreements,  board advice, corporate transactions, and intellectual property agreements.  Before SLG, EZ Prints used two large local firms - we’ve found that SLG offers work of a comparable, if not higher, quality of work, a high level of responsiveness, and a cost structure that frankly, makes a lot more sense.”

Angie Hudson
former Chief Financial Officer at EZ Prints, Inc.

“We are the largest reseller of electronic whiteboards in the world.  Mike Siavage has been our general counsel for over ten years and has advised us through several growth spurts and a major re-invention of our company. We have relied on him and his firm to help us through some daunting strategic issues and he continues to be our go-to trusted advisor. “

“I have used mega-law firms in prior companies and it was our intent in my current company to find a smaller firm that could fill our needs of understanding our business, delivering what we need quickly and doing it at a cost that did not blow our budget. We could not be happier with SLG and the way they have delivered on those requirements” (GC)

Brian Craver
CEO ML Healthcare, Former Senior Executive, C-Beyond Communications, Inc.