SLG’s lawyers have represented hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the United States, with a primary focus on the Atlanta region, for well over ten years. We are passionate about start-up and emerging companies. One of the core values of our firm is a dedication to the growth of the Atlanta entrepreneurial community. This means more than merely rendering of legal services to entrepreneurs. We strive to add value and energy to the pursuit of excellence in all facets of the development of emerging companies and their founding entrepreneurs. We happily provide insight and recommendations to budding businesses, and we cooperate enthusiastically with the various constituents of Atlanta’s entrepreneurial engine - venture capitalists, angel investors, serial entrepreneurs, ATDC formal and informal support groups and the entrepreneurs and companies themselves. Our lawyers regularly speak and write on subjects of interest to entrepreneurs, and we often volunteer our time to the cause of the advancement of entrepreneurialism.

One of the most direct parts of this effort, of course, is assisting entrepreneurs with their legal needs. We emphasize that we must be involved from idea germination forward. The value of an emerging company is in jeopardy at every stage of its development if there is an absence of experienced, first-rate legal counsel. We perform a full needs assessment for our potential clients so that the legal issues can be identified and addressed within the bounds of the relevant economic constraints. We work with our clients to ensure that the most important areas are addressed first and we develop strong personal bonds with our clients and continue to work with them at every stage of their development. If you are entrepreneur starting a company, or one who is about to reach a milestone, you should strongly consider talking with us. We hope that you will find this entrepreneurs’ center helpful and enlightening.

“We turned to SLG provide the sound legal foundation and advice for our company’s growth and they delivered in spades. Our company now employs over 2000 people.”

Mark Wilson
President and CEO, Ryla Teleservices, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010